Flora from Russia attending Girls B category - Read more about the team


Team Flora from Moscow region in Russia has attended HFC-tournament for many times. And again they are coming for the title in 2020-tournament.

Team name::

Tournament category::
B-Girls (03-04)


1. Tell us a bit about your players and officials:

Leaders of the club "FLORA" are the captain Alena Goliastova #9, a player of team Russia U-19. Among the scorers in January 2019 at the tournament in Helsinki is located on the 2nd place (5+4=9). The most effective striker was Ksenia Khizhniakova #4 (9+2=11). Anastasia Pushkina #2 closes the top three in our team (1+4=5). Stable game in this season show Kristina Yakovenko #18 and Valeriya Andrianova #12, goalkeeper Iulia Olenicheva #73. 

In general, we have a cohesive and efficient team. The head coach - Vadim Pilipenko.

2. Which player(s) to follow during the tournament?:
Alena Goliastova #9, Ksenia Khizhniakova #4, Anastasia Pushkina #2, Kristina Yakovenko #18, Valeriya Andrianova #12, Ekaterina Ignatenkova #8.

3. How did you succeed in last season 2018-19?:
In the 2018 - 2019 season, FLORA club won the Russian women's championship (1 League).
"FLORA" took 2nd place in the Championship of Russia among juniors under 19 years.
Girls 2004-2005 were awarded gold medals at the all-Russian tournament "Golden stick" in St. Petersburg and bronze medals at the international tournament in Tallinn.
Players of our club Alena Goliastova, Alina Rodionova and Iulia Olenicheva adequately acted as a part of Junior national team of Russia on qualification in Italy.

4. What are your aims and main goals for the upcoming season 2019-20?:
The main goal for us is a successful performance in the Championship of Russia among juniors under 19 years,
in international tournaments and preparation of the best players for participation in the Women´s U19 World Floorball Championships 2020 in Sweden in may 2020.

5. Why did you chose to participate in HFC2020?:
Every year we come to Your tournament, because it has a good organization, a high level of participating teams and a friendly atmosphere.

6. Does your team have social media channels?:

7. What kind of greetings would you like to send to other participating teams?:
I wish all participants of the competition a good sports holiday, fair play and objective judging.

Vadim Pilipenko
Head Coach

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10/8/19Flora from Russia attending Girls B category - Read more about the team

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