Respect players will be awarded after every match of HFC 2020!




RESPECT-players in Helsinki Floorball Cup 2020

RESPECT player will be chosen from each team after every Helsinki Floorball Cup 2020 game. Coaches will choose one RESPECT player from their own team. RESPECT players can fill the card and drop it into the lottery box located at the tournament info. There will be lottery box at every Arena.

When bringing the RESPECT card you will also get 5 packets of UEFA Champions League TOPPS cards!
Lottery will be held between all the RESPECT players who returned the card and the winners will be awarded with great prizes.
1.  PRIZE / FAT PIPE (1 pc)
• Optional stick
• Shorts
• Compression shorts
• Beanie
• Shirt
• Sweatband
2.  PRIZE / FAT PIPE (2 pcs)
• Backpack
• Beanie
• Sweatband
3.  PRIZE / AC STORE (5 pcs)
• AC Store gift card (value 20€)

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