Rules and regulations

The tournament will be played according to the regulations of the Finnish Floorball Federation (SSBL) with the following adjustments.

1) Every team will play at least 4 games each (Juniors)
Every team will play at least 4 games each (Adults)

Teams will be set a promised amount of games. Those set games may change during a tournament/league in the event of forfeits, surrendering or abandonment. In these cases the games played may vary from the set games.

2) Game time is 2 x 15 min. In Finals (FI) game time is 2 x 20 min and in bronze matches (PR) game time is 2 x 15 min.

Exceptions for game time

In categories B11-B9 and G10 game time is 2 x 15min in all matches.

3) Game time will be stopped only during the penalty shots or on the referee request. Last minute of the game will be played effectively.

4) Penalty time will start at the moment when the match continues (face-off, free hit or hit-in is carried out) after the penalty is given.

5) The games will be played until the game time is finished. The match is not stopped, if opposite team is losing by 12 goals (general rule in Finland).

6) The amount of players is not limited in the team roster.

7) If a play-off match is a draw after game time is finished, penaltyshots with 3 players will follow. If a Final match is a draw after game time is finished, 5 minute overtime (suddendeath) will follow and after that penaltyshots with 3 players, if needed.

8) In penaltyshots, 3 players from each team will be selected. If the game is still tied after three shots, the same players will perform extra penalty shots one by one after each other untill the winner is decided. The order of three players can be changed in extra penalty shots.

9) In the finals, each team will have a possibility to use one timeout (30 sec.)

10) A player can represent only one team per category/age group.

11) In the tournament, the player doesn't have to represent the club where he plays or where he is officially registered.

12) Over-aged players

Team can use maximum two (2) fieldplayers and one (1) goalkeeper who are one year older than the age group of the category. However, these over aged players can't represent any other team in any other tournament category. So the over aged players can play only in one team.

In extreme situations the tournament organizer has the right to admit exeptions.

13) Teams are obliged to present a team participant list (including players and team staff) to the organising committee prior to the first game. This list will define each player and team staff by name and it cannot be altered after the tournament has started without the permission of the organising committee.

14) All the members of the team (including officials and players) have to pay the individual fee. Individual fee is paid by buying tournament package A or accommodation package from organizer.

15) The tournament jury has the right to interfere with teams and supporters who are behaving badly and jury can remove a team from the tournament. The jury can also order a team to demand proper behaviour from their supporters.

16) We recommend for everybody to use safety goggles during the matches. Safety goggles are not required due to the difference of international floorball regulations.

17) Matches played with two referees may exceptional cases be played by one referee.

B11-B9 & G10-G12

Tournament rules will be followed with these exceptions:

  • Number of players on the field is 4 players and a goalkeeper
  • Field size is smaller (size appr. 30 x 15 m)
  • Smaller goal height (top bar of the goal is 30 cm lower, see photo) B11 & G12 serie does not use goal reduction elements
  • Team has the possibility to change goalkeeper and goalkeeper can play as field player after being in goal in the same match
  • If the goal difference between the playing teams reaches four, the losing team at that moment can have one extra player on the field. When the goal difference reduces to two goals, the amount of players will be restored.


Players outfits
Teams must have jerseys of the same colour and with numbers on the back. Secondary jersey can be same coloured sports vest with numbers.
Referee has the right to prevent teams with inadequate outfits

Match Penalties

In the tournament a player that has played as a goaltender can participate as field player without getting a red card.

Technical Match Penalty
In the tournament there are no technical match penalties. Captain will not be punished after unnecessary inspection request
- Captain can request for equipment inspection. Player must change incorrect equipment before returning to the field.

Match Penalty
Match penalty leads to suspension for the rest of the ongoing game and also for the next game. It can also lead to a further suspension if tournament jury decides to lenghten the suspension. The final lenght of suspension will be notified to the team manager.

The following match penalty offenses will require referee report and will always go to the jury.
- Player or team staff member participates in a fight
- Player or team staff member does or attempts to do a violent offense
- Player or team staff member is quilty of a bad behaviour
- Player or team staff member is quilty threatening behaviour

Tournament Mode

In the preliminary rounds teams are divided into groups. After the groups are played, the teams will advance to playoffs. The specific schedule depends on the number of teams in the category and will be published later.

Order in the group

The ranking of the team’s in a group is determined by the amount of points acquired. For a win a team receives two (2) points, for a draw one (1) point and for a loss zero (0) points. In case two or more teams finish with the same amount of points after the group stage, the final ranking will be based on:

1. points in mutual games
2. goal difference in mutual games (goals scored-goals conceded)
3. goals scored in mutual games
4. total goal difference in the preliminary round
5. total goals scored in preliminary round
6. lottery

In case teams finish with the same point total in the second stage, the placement in the earlier stages don’t affect the ranking.

Team managers

The person who has been named as the team manager is responsible for the whole team during the tournament, inside as well as outside the venue. They are also accountable for the communication with the organising committee and jury. The team manager has to be over 18-years old.

Identity control

The organising committee has the right to determine the identity of players. The team manager is responsible for making sure that each member of a team has a valid identification card (with photo) or passport with them.


A protest can be stated, if the rules and regulations of the tournament are broken or if there are any differences concerning the tournament. If a protest is made against a referee's decision or match result, the referee must be informed immediately after the game. The protest must be delivered in writing to the tournament office of the venue at latest 10 minutes after the end of the match. The protest is to be a closely detailed argument and it is followed by a protest fee of 100 €, which is returned in case the protest is accepted. The verdict of the jury cannot be questioned.


The result of a walk-over is regularly 5-0. It can also be another result chosen by the organizer, to eliminate the chance of intentional WO to gain a tactical advantage in the play-offs. A team that gives a walk-over is considered withdrawn from the tournament. The tournament jury can consider an exception to the rule if given a proper argument/

A game is deemed a walk-over, if

1. the team doesn’t show up
2. the team is more than 5 minutes late to the start of the game
3. the team can’t present a full roster of 5+1 players by the start of the game

If the game is played despite the fact that either team can’t fulfill points 1 or 2, the opposing team is seen to have accepted the situation and the result of the game stands.


All the players and officials of the team shall be insured by a valid sport insurance. Arena Center does not have insurance for the participants and therefore shall not be held responsible in any case of emergency or accident.

The organising committee is not responsible for any injuries, medical expenses or theft. It is recommended to obtain a sufficient insurance.