HFC Story: The small-town team Bedrock VSOP/Vangazi (LV) wants to participate in tournaments around the world



Team name: Bedrock VSOP/Vangaži

Tournament category: B12 Upper Challenge

Tell us a bit about your players and officials: The team has played together for many years and comes from a small town where everybody knows each other really good. After all the team is really friendly.

Which player(s) to follow during the tournament? We try to play the game as a one team and don't highlight any players at this age. But we have players who sometimes can show more than others. And because of that, two of our players were ranked the best in the league after points and statistics.

How did you succeed in last season? The team did pretty good, but we still have to work on many things. Based on statistics the team ended at 5th place.

What are your aims and main goals for the upcoming season? To have a good season and try to participate in different tournaments around world. Most important is that young players can grow and become better.

Why did you choose to participate in HFC tournament? Because we were participating at this tournament before and players and everyone else had a good experience and well spent time there.

Does your team have social media channels? No, team does not have social media channels.

What kind of greetings would you like to send to other participating teams? We will come with a smile and we are ready to show our best. May the best one win.



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